VisArts Artist’s Work Featured on Amazon Prime Video Series As We See It

A local artist in a program for young adults with disabilities has just accomplished something few artists have ever achieved. Her work was chosen to promote a new show about young people on the autism spectrum.

7News talked to Sarah Davie about this thrilling honor, her artwork, and her message to others with learning challenges.

You may have seen the bold, brightly colored promotional material for the new show on Amazon Prime about young adults with autism, called As We See It. The rainbow of geometric shapes on the backdrop artwork was created by Rockville artist Sarah Davie.

“Honestly it feels great to show the art and to let others know who is on the spectrum it sends a message that you can do it,” Davie said.

Davie did the piece as an artist in Rockville, Md. at Visarts, an art program for young adults with disabilities. Her message is inclusivity.

The title is called “The vision of pride.”

“The artwork is based on all colors, like skin colors, gender identities, all colors for everybody just to let everybody know everybody is welcome with all colors, different colors.”

Davie said living with disabilities left her struggling to adjust and find purpose and joy. But, when she discovered art, her life changed for the better.

“It feels great it’s like therapy. It calms me down and keeps me busy. I feel so much confidence, like when I do artwork.”

And it’s allowed her to thrive in other areas of her life too. Davie is also the goalie for the Montgomery Cheetahs, a special hockey team for kids with developmental disabilities. Her artwork will show she’s also a huge fan of the Washington Capitals.

Sarah’s mom’s advice to parents out there.

“Find what makes your child shine,” said Lisa Davie. “She [Sarah] does art that helps her through tough situations, to celebrate nature, the eagles and the capitals, she does art to get her through all of that, the good and the bad and it’s really wonderful to see her blossom.”

Like the moment she saw her artwork displayed in the middle of Times Square New York.

“Honestly, at first my reaction, my mom showed me the photo and I said ‘is this real,’ she said ‘yes it’s real,’ I was in shock with happiness!”

Sarah told 7News she has now had several pieces of her art commissioned, so she is proud to report she is a working artist doing what she loves as a career.

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Fox 5 DC Zip Trip’s 5 Must Stops in Rockville

Whether it’s for work, for play or for life – Rockville’s vibrant residents, neighborhoods and businesses make it one of the nation’s best cities – all just outside Washington, D.C.!

There are so many fun things to do when visiting Rockville it’s hard to keep count! Here are THE 5 MUST STOPS that you just can’t miss when taking your own ZIP TRIP!

OLD RED BRICK COURTHOUSE: Come visit one of the most historic buildings in Rockville! See the iconic brickwork laid in 1891. Learn about the many cases about African-American legal rights that were tried here.

ROCK CREEK REGIONAL PARK: Explore eighteen hundred acres of preserved nature! Engage with the natural and cultural history of the park with the Meadowside Nature Center. Take out a boat and fish on Lake Needlewood.

COFFEE REPUBLIC: Taste delicious coffee made from local roasters in Rockville! Take a break to enjoy a snack and relax in the ambient atmosphere of the cafe. Refresh yourself with a variety of drinks and pastries.

TRUE RESPITE BREWING COMPANY: Come taste their phenomenal selection of beers and drinks! Schedule a private tasting or event with a group of friends. Experience true respite in their unique tap room.

F. SCOTT FITZGERALD THEATRE: Witness a variety of performing arts shows at this fun local theater! Immerse yourself in countless stories through different artistic mediums. Connect with other theater goers as you watch epic tales unfold right in front of you!

Check out all the Rockville Zip Trip videos here.

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Hometown Holidays: Rockville’s Community Gathering

A long-standing tradition in Rockville – Hometown Holidays is an annual Memorial Day weekend festival preceding the City’s Memorial Day Ceremony and Parade. While the parade and ceremony continued at its traditional downtown location, Hometown Holidays was hosted in a new location – Redgate Park,  in the city’s Rock East District.

With acres of park, two entertainment stages, two sand dunes, a giant selfie station, Cornhole, giant Connect Four, a kids craft tent and amusement rides there was no shortage of entertainment for both adults and children alike. The free festival at Redgate, Rockville’s newest park, welcomed hundreds of residents, families and visitors who enjoyed local and national musical acts, including performances by The Nighthawks, Capital Effect, Jah Works, Moosejaw Bluegrass, the Common Good, Daryl Davis, Hayley Fahey, and more.

Besides two entertainment stages, Hometown Holidays included “A Taste of Rockville”, a collection of Rockville’s eclectic restaurants and cuisine which included the likes of El Mercat Bar de Tapas, the Big Greek Café, Kusshi, The Crepe Shoppe, Kona Ice and Bibibop.

Rockville’s Mayor and Council welcomed patrons of Hometown Holidays on Saturday May 28, followed by a special announcement from Rockville Economic Development, Inc. (REDI). REDI in collaboration with Visit Montgomery and the City of Rockville announced the launched of the city’s tourism website – . The website includes an events calendar, suggested itineraries and a searchable directory of restaurants, things to do, parks and recreation facilities and more. Explore Rockville was also an exhibitor at Hometown Holidays, promoting the new website through public engagement and the distribution of branded giveaways and t-shirts.

Check out the photos of Hometown Holidays and the Explore Rockville launch video:

Enjoy the Beauty of Cherry Blossoms at Glenview Mansion

Spring is here, and that means the cherry trees are in bloom! With their peak around mid-March to late April, you can experience the beauty of these spring blossoms at the formal gardens at Glenview Mansion in Rockville Civic Center Park.

As you make your way to Glenview mansion, you’ll be greeted by a Kwanzan cherry tree lined road – a hint at the dozens of trees in bloom across the formal garden. According to the City of Rockville’s horticulturalist, Kwanzan trees bloom a week or two after their Yoshino cousins that are found in abundance in the garden.

Glenview Mansion is often booked for private events like weddings during the peak of cherry blossom season, so planning a visit during the weekday is best for capturing photos or a quiet, relaxing day at the gardens.

Learn more about Glenview Mansion and Rockville Civic Center at:

Elsa M. from WMAR-2 Baltimore Takes a Midday Vacay to Rockville, Maryland

Rockville – located in Montgomery County, Maryland – is an easy day trip from both Baltimore and Washington DC, and its vibrant arts scene and rich history will make you want to spend the whole weekend!

Rockville is home to several historical sites, including the famed St. Mary’s Church, the final resting place of F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda.

The arts scene in Rockville is thriving. VisArts believes that the arts should be accessible to everyone, and offers classes and opportunities for every age and ability. VisArts also strives for equality and inclusivity within the arts community, and the VisAbility Art Lab is open to artists with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

If you’d like to plan a trip to Rockville, be sure to check the Rockville Arts Festival in Spring!

Originally Published on WMAR-2 Baltimore

Around the World in Ten Dishes – Explore Rockville’s International Cuisine

A true reflection of Rockville’s multiculturalism, these 10 local restaurants will transport you around the globe through their unique, delicious and authentic dishes. Here are 10 restaurants from countries you can ‘visit’ in Rockville! 

Mexico – Plaza Oaxaca

“We are a restaurant focused on promoting traditional Mexican food, our main focus being Oaxacan gastronomy, we are an authentic cuisine, an exquisite combination of pre-Hispanic and contemporary ingredients…”

Address: 141 Gibbs Street, Suite 305, Rockville, MD 20850
Be sure to try: Mole Oaxaca

Yelp – Carroll N., Rockville MD

Jamaica – Island Pride

“We make all of our Jamaican food from scratch with traditional cooking methods. The result is popular favorites such as curry chicken made in a way that brings out all the natural flavors.”

Address: 823 Hungerford Drive, Rockville, MD 20850
Be sure to try: Jerk Chicken

Peru – La Canela

“The food we offer is a combination of authentic Peruvian cuisine and old family recipes. We wish to offer a small taste of our beloved Peru and we hope to be an accurate representation of our country.”

Address: 141 Gibbs Street, Rockville, MD 20850
Be sure to try: Ceviche de Pescado

La Canela

Ethiopia – Sheba

“Here at Sheba we try to bring the diverse mix of ethnic backgrounds of Ethiopia through our rich menu which consists of popular meat based dishes, as well as renowned vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.”

Address:  5071 Nicholson Land, Rockville, MD 20852
Be sure to try: Doro Wot

Greece – Mykonos Grill

“Mykonos Grill welcomes you and invites you to experience the Aegean, the tranquility of our island, our beautiful colors and our rich heritage. We bring it all together, put it on a plate and serve it to our guests.”

Address: 121 Congressional Lane, Rockville, MD 20852
Be sure to try: Mousaka Smyrna

Mykonos Grill

Italy – Fontina Grille

“Fontina Grille offers a delightful Italian fare prepared fresh daily using the highest quality ingredients. Whether you are in the mood for something new or just want to enjoy some old favorites, our friendly staff will make your next dining experience a pleasant one.” 

Address: 801 Pleasant Drive, Rockville, MD 20850
Be sure to try: Saltimbocca

Lebanon – Lebanese Taverna Café 

“Lebanese Taverna brings a little piece of Lebanon back to us, and in turn, the customers experience Lebanese food and culture. The mood is always festive and, as is the Lebanese tradition, dishes are served with sharing in mind.”

Address: 115 Gibbs Street, Rockville, MD 20850
Be sure to try: Kibbeh

Lebanese Taverna

India – Om Fine Indian Cuisine

“Om Fine Indian Cuisine is a cornerstone in the Rockville community and has become recognized for its outstanding Indian cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff. We are known for our modern interpretation of classic dishes and our insistence on only using high quality, fresh ingredients.” 

Address: 785 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852
Be sure to try: Paneer Matar 

Om Fine Indian Cuisine

China – Bob’s Shanghai 66

“We have been awarded recognition by the Washingtonian Restaurant Guide, the Washington Post, Yelp and Zagat survey. Our menu favorites have been the pork soup dumlpings and the crab pork dumplings.”

Address: 305 N. Washington Street, Rockville, MD 20850
 Be sure to try: Leek & Pork Dumplings

Japan – Gyuzo Japanese BBQ 

“We are an authentic Japanese yakiniku restaurant. At Gyuzo, we offer delicious grilled meat with a focus on imported beef. Our A5 Japanese Wagyu beef is hand cut by our chef and is characterized by the original taste of the meat and the sweetness of the marbling fat content.”

Address: 33 Maryland Avenue, Suite B, Rockville, MD 20850
Be sure to try: Uni-Meets Wagyu

Gyuzo Japanese BBQ

It’s Time to Relax and Recharge in Rockville Civic Center Park

Spend the day at Rockville Civic Center Park, the city’s largest park, full of fun places to explore. Get close to nature at the Croydon Creek Nature Center, explore the gardens of Glenview Mansion, or catch a show at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre. 

The Croydon Creek Nature Center is a short distance from downtown Rockville. The center sits on 120 acres of forest preserve and presents a world of discovery through interpretive exhibits and seasonal programs. Take a hike along 3 miles of marked trails to discover historic relics and tributary of Rock Creek.

Glenview Mansion sits at the heart of the Civic Center overlooking 28 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds. Stroll through the six-room art gallery, featuring rotating exhibitions by local, national and international artists. Get lost in the magic of the formal gardens. The stone archway and flagstone walkways make for the perfect photo opp.

Experience a captivating musical by the Rockville Musical Theatre, feel moved by the Victorian Lyric Opera Company. Or lose yourself in the spellbinding Rockville Civic Ballet. The F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre is a vibrant, local theatre dedicated to the performing arts.

5 Historic Treasures in Rockville

Rockville’s history stretches back to the 1770’s starting as one of the first settlements in Montgomery County slowly growing into a bustling city post-World War II.  Some 250 years later, Rockville would be almost unrecognizable to its residents of the past except for these historic Rockville treasures

  1. Glenview Mansion
    603 Edmonston Drive, Rockville MD 20851

Presently the centerpiece of the Rockville Civic Center Park, Glenview Mansion’s history traces back to the 1830’s. Named for its view of the valley below, Glenview’s original two-story farmhouse overlooked the estate’s 500 acres was built in 1838 by the Bowie family.

Glenview remained in the Bowie family until 1904 until it was finally acquired by a wealthy and connected couple from Washington. The property underwent significant upgrades in 1923, transformed into a country estate designed for entertaining. The 30+ room property is included on the National Register of Historic Places and because of its significant architecture and formal gardens, and is free and open to the public during visiting hours

Plan your visit to Glenview Mansion

  • The Underground Railroad 
    Rockville, MD

This historic path cuts through Rockville and was used as an organized escape system for slaves, uniting fugitives with volunteers who would assist slaves before conveying them across the border to states where they could live in freedom. According to historians, fugitives walked up the C&O Canal towpath, traveled north on what is now Rockville Pike/Frederick Road.

Join Peerless Rockville Historic Preservation for their presentations and tours of Rockville’s Underground Rail Road.

Graphic copyright: Peerless Rockville
  • Dr. Frieda Fromm-Reichmann’s Cottage
    19 Thomas Street, Rockville MD 20850

The cottage in the west end of Rockville is associated with Dr. Frieda Fromm-Reichmann, a leading figure in American psychiatry renowned for her pioneering contributions to the treatment of schizophrenia. Dr. Fromm-Reichmann served as director of psychotherapy at Chestnut Lodge in Rockville, then a premier center for the study and treatment of schizophrenia. 

The cottage was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2021 and is preserved and maintained by Peerless Rockville. Look out for events hosted at the cottage by Peerless Rockville

Image copyright Peerless Rockville

Rockville B&O Railroad Station

98 Church Street, Rockville MD 20850

Built in 1873, the Rockville station was one of several stops along the route between Washington and Point of Rocks. The station is designed in a Victorian Gothic style with Eastlake detailing, emblematic of its age. 

By the development of the Metro in the 1970’s, the Rockville B&O Station had been seldom used and fallen into disrepair. In 1981 Peerless Rockville acquired and facilitated the move of the 400-ton station to its present location on Church Street. The former B&O Station is now occupied by a local law firm committed to the preservation of the building. 

Learn more about the Rockville B&O Railroad Station

Image copyright Google Maps Streetview
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Gravesite

520 Veirs Mill Road, Rockville MD 20852

Renowned for his modern classic, “The Great Gatsby”, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s remains rest at the historic St. Mary’s Church in the heart of Rockville. Fitzgerald was a descendant of prominent Maryland families (the Scotts, Keys, and Fitzgeralds) with his father, Edward Fitzgerald born in then pre-Civil war Rockville. 

Fitzgerald’s remains were originally interred at Rockville Cemetery, but was relocated along with his wife’s remains to St. Mary’s Catholic church by their daughter in 1975 upon the Women’s Club of Rockville’s suggestion. Today 15 member of the Fitzgerald and their extended family rest at St. Mary’s. 

Image copyright Peerless Rockville

48-Hours in Rockville

Looking for a weekend getaway destination? Why not spend time just outside of Washington DC in Montgomery, County Maryland? You’ll never have a dull moment while you wine, dine, hike, and climb your way through Rockville in our 48-hour weekend itinerary.

Day 1: Cambria Hotel

Cambria Hotel, located conveniently near the Rockville Town Center, is the perfect suite-style place to call home for the weekend. Enjoy the hotel’s many amenities such as the Bistro and Barista Coffee Bar, an indoor heated pool, fitness center, and a full dining menu to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Day 1: Breakfast at First Watch

Start your day off right by fueling yourself with a hearty breakfast from First Watch. Choose from a full list of fresh, made-to-order breakfast dishes such as the smoked salmon & roasted vegetable frittata , power breakfast quinoa bowl, or the million-dollar bacon.

Day 1: Take a class at VisArts

Get your creative juices flowing by learning a new art skill at VisArts. Choose from an array of classes like drawing, painting, photography, jewelry making, and more.

Day 1: Grain to Glass Tour at True Respite Brewing Company

Sip and unwind at the “Grain to Glass Tour” at True Respite Brewing Company. Schedule a private tour to explore every detail that goes into the production, conditioning and flavors of their award-winning beers during this immersive experience.

Day 1: Dinner at Il Pizzico

Wrap up your first day in Rockville with authentic Italian food from Il Pizzico. Delicious dishes like Rissoto Del Giorno and Penne Alle Melanzane will leave you feeling like you just touched down in Italy.

Day 2: Breakfast at Silver Diner

After a good night’s sleep, fuel up for your second day with a farm-to-table breakfast from Silver Diner. The menu includes popular American-style breakfast staples like eggs Benedict, caramel French toast, and buttermilk pancakes.

Day 2: Explore the Croydon Creek Nature Center

Let a day of exploration begin at the Croydon Creek Nature Center. Immerse yourself in nature during a hike along the three miles of trails, and on your way back, visit the Nature Center where you’ll find a variety of animals as a part of their conservation and education efforts.

Day 2: Go for a climb at EarthTreks

Exercise while having a blast at EarthTreks! Climb your way through more than 38,000 feet of terrain during an instructed class or head to “Open Climb” to experience extensive lead, top rope, and bouldering routes at your own pace.

Day 2: Dinner at Clyde’s at Tower Oaks

Adjacent to a 21-acre nature preserve, Clyde’s at Tower Oaks is the most ideal spot for a relaxing dinner to end your getaway to Rockville. Take in the beautiful lodge-like décor while you enjoy dishes sourced from local farms in the Maryland area.

Share your weekend getaway to Rockville with us by tagging us in Instagram or share using #MontgomeryMoment.

Five Rockville Shops for Unique Holiday Gifts

The holidays are here which means the hunt for the perfect gift is on! These businesses are full of fun and unique products that you won’t find anywhere else. Here are five Rockville small businesses to check out this holiday season:

Shop Local Rockville

Rockville Town Square – 36D Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD 20871

This store is a collective of multiple small women-owned businesses who are a part of the Maryland Women’s Business Center’s retail business incubator – Shop Local. From handmade chocolates, jewelry, and natural body care products to bespoke international clothing, the Shop Local Rockville store’s convenient location in Rockville Town Center is a must visit for holiday gifts.

Shafa Blends

1327 Rockville Pike, Suite F, Rockville, MD 20850

Shafa Blends is a family-owned tea and spice shop featuring small batch specialty tea, spice, herb, botanical, and salt blends. With a focus on using all-natural ingredients, these hand-crafted blends are made with the goal of healing mind, body and soul

The Cottage Monet

Rockville Town Square – 36 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850

Located in Rockville Town SquareThe Cottage Monet offers thoughtful gifts and distinctive home furnishings. As a Platinum Vera Bradley retailer, The Cottage Monet carries the area’s largest inventory of Vera Bradley products in the area. The shop also offers a full line of linens as well as unique, decorative accessories for the home.

©Cottage Money

Lil’ Thingamajigs

Edmonston Crossing – 1050 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

Lil’ Thingamajigs brings the best of Asian pop culture to America with hundreds of toys, stationery, home accessories, and K-Pop merchandise. For all things anime and kawaii (cute), look no further than Lil’ Thingamajig’s store in Rockville. 

Appalachian Spring

Congressional Plaza – 1641 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

From toys and games to kitchen accessories, Appalachian Spring in Rockville has a wide variety of fun, fancy pieces to choose from. This store is known for its beautiful, handcrafted one-of-a-kind art pieces made by artists and craftspeople throughout the United States. From the designer jewelry to their handmade wooden boxes and pottery, their selection of fine handcrafted items are sure to bring joy to that special someone in your life.

Yelp – Kathryn M., Washington DC