Terry Thompson: The Intersection of Business & the Arts

Terry Thompson, a self-taught American artist born in Chicago, Illinois, now based in Baltimore, Maryland effortlessly blends creativity with discipline in his roles as a successful banker and a recognized visual artist. Alongside his in corporate America, Thompson is a renowned veteran club DJ, producer, and promoter, with releases on the London-based label Defected. Thompson began his art career with small shows, drawing influence from Romare Bearden, Picasso, and his friend, Spanish painter Salvador Bru. His unique artistic style now reflects inspirations from dance culture, fashion, and dreamscapes.

With a portfolio that spans across various mediums, Thompson’s art is both diverse and captivating. By embracing the spontaneity, exploration, and investigation inherent in his approach to painting. But what is the secret behind Thompson’s innovative thinking? According to him, it lies in the transformative power of the arts. Learning to write, play music, paint, or dance fosters the development of skills crucial for success in any endeavor—skills like seeing the big picture while focusing on execution, internalizing patterns, recognizing nuances, and expressing unique ideas.

Muse #8 by Terry Thompson

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of our society and economy, one thing remains clear: art and culture are central to our collective journey towards understanding, empathy, and innovation. And in Terry Thompson, we find not just an artist, but a visionary whose creative spirit illuminates the path to a brighter future.

Terry Thompson: The Intersection of Business and the Arts was curated by Julie Ann Cavnor and is on display at Rockville Economic Development, Inc. (REDI) office (51 Monroe Street, PE20, Rockville, MD) from May 20 – July 26, 2024. The show is open to the public:

· Wednesdays: 2pm-5pm

· Friday: 1pm-3pm

REDI invites businesses and community members to engage with Thompson’s work, and meet the artist on Tuesday, May 21 at 5:30pm. Visit https://terrythompson-artisttalk.eventbrite.com for more information and RSVP.