Meet Rockville’s Own Baseball Legend: Clarence “Pint” Isreal

If you’re a Rockville native, the name Clarence “Pint” Isreal might ring a bell, and for good reason! This homegrown hero was a standout baseball player, Negro World Series champion, and an unforgettable figure in Rockville’s Lincoln Park community.

Born in Georgia but raised right here in Lincoln Park, Isreal’s journey to stardom started at Lincoln High School. He went from playing local semi-pro ball to joining the Newark Eagles of the Negro National League. A stellar player with speed and agility, Isreal made a name for himself both on and off the field.

But it wasn’t all about the game for Isreal. After serving in the military during WWII, he returned to clinch the Negro National League Pennant with the Eagles in 1946. And while injuries may have slowed him down, they didn’t stop him—Isreal still played a crucial role in the Eagles’ World Series win against the Kansas City Monarchs.

Clarence “Pint” Isreal photo credit: Peerless Rockville

After his illustrious career, Isreal continued to contribute to his community, co-founding the Black Angels Boys Club and leaving a lasting impact that’s memorialized in a local park named in his honor. Even today, his legacy lives on through the annual Clarence “Pint” Isreal Juneteenth Classic game established in 2022 by Bethesda Big Train.

From the field to the community, Clarence “Pint” Isreal is a name that will forever be a part of Rockville’s rich history.

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Source: Lincoln Park History Project