Enjoy the Beauty of Cherry Blossoms at Glenview Mansion

Spring is here, and that means the cherry trees are in bloom! With their peak around mid-March to late April, you can experience the beauty of these spring blossoms at the formal gardens at Glenview Mansion in Rockville Civic Center Park.

As you make your way to Glenview mansion, you’ll be greeted by a Kwanzan cherry tree lined road – a hint at the dozens of trees in bloom across the formal garden. According to the City of Rockville’s horticulturalist, Kwanzan trees bloom a week or two after their Yoshino cousins that are found in abundance in the garden.

Glenview Mansion is often booked for private events like weddings during the peak of cherry blossom season, so planning a visit during the weekday is best for capturing photos or a quiet, relaxing day at the gardens.

Learn more about Glenview Mansion and Rockville Civic Center at: https://www.rockvillemd.gov/389/Glenview-Mansion