District: Rock East District

Peter’s Grill

Humble counter service providing breakfast standards & sandwiches, plus fried seafood plates.

Baronessa Italian Restaurant

You will enjoy traditional Italian food, including, but not limited to a rich variety of hand-made pastas and thin crust Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas. Our chef, Angel Mendoza, a true connoisseur and admirer of Italian cuisine, personally chooses the freshest ingredients to ensure the highest food quality.

Le Delices French Bakery

Les Délices (meaning the delights) French Bakery opened its doors on December 12th, 1987 with the mission of providing delicious, flavorful pastries to the Washington DC area. We believe dessert should not be overly sweet, while providing a lasting memory long after it has been enjoyed. While exercising our passion, it has been our mission to preserve Artisan techniques and traditions of French Pastry.

The Bean Bag Deli & Catering

We take great pride in providing personal attention, educating our customers and ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied with their coffee, gourmet food, gift baskets and catering. The Bean Bag Deli and Catering Co., a family owned and operated business, has been catering to the palettes of a discriminating and knowledgeable clientele since 1977.

Arirang Korean Restaurant

Charming Korean eatery providing traditional, homestyle fare in a warm space with Asian décor

Twin Valley Distillers

Twin Valley Distillers, Montgomery County’s first operating distillery using local grains and products to revive the fine art of handcrafted spirit-making in Maryland.

“Maryland authentic” is a term Twin Valley uses to highlight their commitment to the burgeoning “farm-to-table” concept so popular in restaurants today. The company sources all grain and raw products exclusively within a 50-mile radius of their Rockville, Maryland location. Grains are also recycled back to local farms for animal feed. We are now proud to introduce this November, the first straight bourbon in Maryland through our Maryland Whiskey Company division.

The quality of Twin Valley’s pristine premium liquors is ensured by our master distiller, Edgardo Zuniga, whose unerring chef’s palate determines whether a new batch is ready for bottling or not. Hand-crafted, small-batch Bourbons, Whiskeys and other fine Spirits is what defines Twin Valley Distillers.

Mayorga Organics

We have dedicated our lives to creating a SUSTAINABLE business model that puts FARMERS first as we believe that HEALTHY farming communities will produce better quality products that ultimately will benefit our valued customers.

The agriculture industry is broken. The farmers in Latin America that grow the foods we consume to nourish our bodies are as poor as ever. Marketing and “greenwashing” by companies–big and small–will let consumers believe that things are changing. While there are some success stories, farmers in Latin America are amongst the poorest 1% in the world.
Their communities are being poisoned with chemicals for the purpose of growing more volume, rather than better quality.
Rather than put a bandaid on it on these issues, we work every day to redefine and shift the industry. We communicate with producers almost daily, we visit them constantly, we seek better ways to grow organic products, better ways to finance the supply chain, more efficient ways to ship their products, and the most efficient way to run our business. We don’t do these things for PR or marketing. We do them because we believe that it’s our obligation for future generations of farmers–and consumers.

The solution isn’t as simple as paying farmers a few cents more. It’s about treating our farmers as EQUAL PARTNERS and empowering them through communication and cooperation. It’s about “trimming the fat” in the agribusiness supply chain to create more value for farmers and for consumers–all while obsessively focusing on quality.